Look classy in Saree with these simple tips

Every Indian woman has the sartorial privilege to dress beautifully in the graceful ethnic attire, of a saree. Not only in India but saree in the USA have also gained popularity in recent years. No matter how beautiful and expensive this outfit is, if not draped the right way, it looks weird. On the other hand, wearing it in the right style with readymade padded blouse can make the wearer look classy. The best thing about this fabric is that it you can experiment a lot many styles and look different and stunning every time. Let’s talk about some very important things to bear in mind that ensure you look your best just like a fashion icon.

Always wear the heels before draping the fabric. This makes sure that your saree does not look too high after you slip on those pretty heels. Remember to keep the length such that only your toes are exposed.

  • The blouse has to be perfectly fitted, as an ill-fitted one is a serious fashion blunder.
  • The pleats have to be kept firmly in their place.
  • Equal width has to be maintained in the pleats. If this is something you find difficult, you can go for the pleat maker available in the market these days. Moreover, you can buy a readymade saree, as pleats are already done in them. Readymade designer blouse shop near Noida provides boutique quality blouse online. 
  • For an even pallu, pleat the ends before deciding the number of pleats you will like to have at the front.
  • The too-long pallu has a risk of tripping over. On the other hand, too short pallu looks ungraceful. Length until the back of your knees is ideal.
  • Say no to wardrobe malfunctions with safety pins at the right places.
  • For toned women, there are many alluring styles to go for. A thinly folded drape will make you look very attractive. For women with bulges, it is recommended to utilize the best of this fabric’s versatility. You can try the Gujrati style, as it will cover the flaws by offering a glamorous look.
  • Last but not the least, accessorize the saree correctly. If the outfit is lightweight, you can go for heavy jewelry. However, if the fabric is heavy, go for minimal jewelry.

Follow these style tips and look charismatic every time you wear a saree.

There is a perfect saree out there for everyone. Just look for the one that defines your personal style statement. With the above points, you should have no trouble scoring the perfect ten on the Trend Meter!

Every Indian woman has the privilege to dress beautifully in a beautiful ethical dress, a saree. Not only in India but also in the USA, sarees have gained popularity in recent years.

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