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Readymade Designer Blouses- The Modern Age Fashion Fantasy

A designer blouse is a term for a woman’s loose top garment, usually with a collared, button front shirt with sleeves. However, we Indians look at this garment from a different point of view. An Indian blouse is a tight fitting or body-hugging midriff dress that is an integral part to a saree. The right choice of colour, fabric and fitting for a blouse gives it a dreamy and alluring look. Some time ago Indian women buy full 80 or 90 cm fabric for blouse and get it designed by their favourite tailor. However, now designer padded blouse are available in the market to reduce the hassle of blouse hunting.


Blouse and saree complement each other and cannot stand without each other. These readymade padded blouse come in all sizes and colours to meet all your fashion needs. This elegant top wear is desig with a general theme of colour and fabric which is intended to be matched with a wide variety of plain sarees and designer sarees. So, if you have a designer blouse, you have options to wear it with many sarees.

Ooze of elegance

Blouse is one such fabric which instantly enhances the allure of the saree. This modern age designer marvel never fails to exude elegance when worn right. A beautiful saree with a readymade padded blouse is a perfect outfit for all Indian festivals. Be it wedding ceremonies or annual celebrations in India, designer blouses are in high demand.


Crowds of young women opt for unconventional clothing instead of traditional attire. The fashion industry knows very well how to impress these young fashionistas. There are a variety of designer padded blouse available in the market which go well with western wear like jeans, trousers and pants. These shirts like blouses work zero hard to make you look stylish and that is why it is more popular among girl.

Festive fabric

India is a place where festivals are celebrated throughout the year and fashion experts always find a reason to display their sartorial elegance in the market bazaars. The fashion markets mostly focus on the ethnic wear of women during the festive season. Silk embroidered blouses in various designs, patterns, cuts and styles are the centre of attraction of grand Indian festivals.

The Indian tradition of blouses

It is very surprising that blouse was not very popular among the common women in India till the Victorian era. In most regions, women wore sarees without a blouse or top wear. Social reformer Gyandanandini Devi, who led many influential and innovative developments in Bengal, was inspired by the Victorian era of fashion and encouraged young women of Bengal to adopt and adorn blouses. However, the women of the modern age should be thankful for giving us this beautiful outfit.

A designer blouse has been a complement to the saree. Today, there are a wide variety of designer blouses available in different prints, fabrics, colours and cuts. You can match these blouse with any saree. Heavy embroidered blouses are ideal for a function. If you are looking for the readymade padded blouse near me, visit NRP blouse hub. 

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